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Introducing U.R.S.A.

Ultra Reliable Service & Attention

Wash your worries away with Ultra Reliable Service & Attention from YellowBear. U.R.S.A. puts the power in your hands to choose your price based on your individual personalized dry cleaning needs, as well as getting your started toward a much more eco conscious lifestyle. There are three different programs offered allowing you to select the pricing structure that best suits your cleaning needs. The more you clean, the better the price and increase in service!

With U.R.S.A. you can experience premium dry cleaning service without breaking the bank and without having to remember to pickup your dry cleaning. you can also pickup/dropoff 24-hours in-store at your convenience.

Feel free to contact us to request our latest prices, in store procedures, or purchase a package online now and we will credit your account.

Drop In-Store or Stay at Home

24-hour Store and Pick Up & Delivery in Northern New Jersey

Designed the revolve around you, YellowBear offers complimentary pickup and delivery throughout northern New Jersey, and the convenience of 24 hour access to our marquee store.

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Prepay Dry Cleaning & Laundry

URSA Pricing

Bronze - $50 for 60 credits
  • 60 Cleaning Credits
  • $10 Savings
  • 1 Dry Cleaning Bag
  • FREE Pickup/Delivery
  • 20cc Per Referral
Silver - $125 for 165 credits
  • 165 Cleaning Credits
  • $40 Savings
  • FREE Pickup/Delivery
  • 30cc Per Referral
  • Live SMS Assistance
Gold - $250 for 400 credits
  • 400 Cleaning Credits
  • $150 Savings
  • FREE Pickup/Delivery
  • 50cc Per Referral
  • Live SMS Assistance

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