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What is Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning?


If you are like many Americans, you are bound to have a few items needing to be dry cleaned by the end of each week. While you may know about the chemicals involved in dry cleaning, perhaps you don’t think much about it. However, it is something you must be concerned about considering the impact it has on both the environment and you health! It is shown that traditional dry cleaning solvents have a health impact on your body, waste in the environment, and life of your garments; by, fading colors and destroying the lifespan of garment fibers.

Perc is not Eco-Friendly

While most dry cleaning services involve the use of chemicals, it is possible to dry clean clothes without inflicting damage to the environment, or your expensive garments. It has been reported that among the 40,000 dry cleaning businesses in the While most dry cleaning services involve the use of chemical solvents, it is possible to dry clean clothes without inflicting damage to the environment, or your expensive garments. It has been reported that among the 40,000 dry cleaning businesses in the United States, 85 percent still use perchloroethylene (Perc) as a solvent, which is bad for you, your garments, and the environment. Although there has been a significant move away from Perc, most dry cleaners are still using this old dated solvent.

Challenge your current dry cleaner. Ask them, “How are they considered Green?” They might be using Perc and passing it off as an “organic” solution.

How Does “Perc” Harm Us and the Environment?

Perchloroethylene, also known as perc, is a volatile compound that is a threat to the environment and human health. It is known to cause headaches, dizziness, drowsiness and respiratory irritation while prolonged exposure to perc has been associated with cancer, liver complications and kidney damage as it is long been identified as a carcinogen. It enters the body through water contamination, inhalation or dermal exposure while contributing to environmental stress such as smog. After breaking down into smog and contaminating well water it is nearly impossible to remove.

We are proud to say that we are the most environmentally industry choice in sustainable dry cleaning. We include powerful upgrades to our hydrocarbon solvents which not only provide greater cleaning power but will also allows for an environmentally friendlier disposal process. Our odorless process allows your garments to retain their flexibility, color, and substance without breaking the bank or harming the environment.

Our Unique Eco-Packaging Solution

— Biodegradable Plastic for Traditional Packaging
We understand that it is necessary for dry cleaned garments to be protected from dust and other potential accidents prior to In-store pickup or delivery to your home or office. Unlike most other dry cleaning businesses, we use 100% biodegradable packaging and recycled paper to help do our part to ensure a cleaner tomorrow.

— No Plastic Packaging
By the Green Garment garment bags, which have been featured as the number one garment bag on the market, will allow our customers to transact without piles of plastic as the end of their order. Additionally, our multi use bags function as a laundry bag, hamper, and clean garment return bag which make it ultra convenient to maintain your wardrobe without a pile of waste plastic.

Reusable Hangers
One of the biggest complaints about the dry cleaning packaging process is not just the incredible amount of plastics that are deposed, but the sheer amount of hangers that accumulate after only a few dry cleaning orders. Although we recycle as many as we can, the truth is that most are not usable after 1 or 2 uses and therefore not a sustainable solution for this age old problem. Therefore we have introduced collapsible reusable hangers that are super small and can be returned to us at the beginning of your next order.

Our no nonsense hanger system combined with the Green Garmento bag/hamper will allow you to maintain a hassle free closet! Dry clean conveniently with a conscious, all while doing your part to shrink environmental waste and save money.

GO BEYOND and learn how you can get a FREE garmento bag and reusable hangers to truly make a difference in the way you clean!